Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why liberals are evil.

There are several reasons why liberals are evil. I will only mention a few here.

First, they have zero tolerance for anyone that disagrees with their free way of thinking. Yes, it sounds stupid, but that is how they are. They are the most "open minded" people if you are gay, a child molester, terrorist, or any other anti-normal thing. If you are against gays, they hate you and wish you harm. The large numbers of gays that went crazy after prop. 8 failed was proof. They actually went into Churches and threw things into people's faces while yelling "Jesus is gay." This is odd to me because all the homos preach is tolerence. These gays don't understand that they just lost half of the freaks that supported them.

Second, they put more value on an animals life than on a humans. I remember reading an article about how upset the liberals were that some guy killed a kitty in a microwave. Sick, yes, absolutely. But they thought the guy should get life in prison. It is funny to me that they think child molesters or terrorists shouldn't be imprisoned. Again, here we go.

Third, they actually like abortion. They would have been thrilled if Palin's daughter would have aborted the precious baby. Instead, they attack the fact that she was pregnant out of wedlock. She is a teenager that admitted her mistake but will love and have her baby. Liberals put zero value on life, unless it is a person that hates America as much as they do.

Why are liberals so evil....I will never know.

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